About Premier Industries
Premier Industries is an enterprise specializing the development, production and Selling of the soldering tin materials and related chemical products . The company Always attaches importance to the R&D of technology and the improvement of Quality, has it's scientific research institution, and has gathered a set of senior Technicians and managers and established strict management systems and prefect Quality guarantee system.

In 2003, European union issued restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous substances In electrical and electronic equipment and regulated definitely that six substances including lead, hydrargyrum and cadmium could not be contained in the electrical And electronic products put in European market since 1 july 2006. The company refers To the standard of Europeon union and develops a serials of high quality lead-free tin Products and soldering flux according to the regulation of ISO(the lead content in solder Alloy should be under 1000ppm), following the spirit of professional and career, we will Create a new microelectronic welding era and devote ourselves to the "lead free"of world Electronic products together with you sticking to market -oriented and aiming at technological creation and environmental protection.