Rosin Activated Flux

There is only one thing that makes us one of the leading soldering wire manufacturers of Delhi - our customers' trust. We also understand that in order to win our clients' trust, we have to produce and maintain high-quality products. We offer a wide range of Rosin-activated flux as per the different levels of activators used - high and medium. Therefore, below are some popular products:

  • Mildly Activated - Ansol Flux #820
  • Highly Activated - Ansol Flux #825 and #830
The use of different products will require varying levels of cleaning of residues. More cleaning is required with higher activator levels. As a responsible soldering wire manufacturer, we suggest that you know your requirements before purchasing soldering wires. In our industry, the durability and reliability of the products is very crucial. We have worked hard to ensure that our customers purchase the soldering wires and leave with a smile and complete satisfaction.